We’ve started our business in 2009 as a small family trading office in dubai UAE.
Since then we’ve created and grown our brand “Ritula” as a leading brand of hotel supplies and bathroom accessories in whole region of Middle East and become a well known brand for its unique quality and innovative ideas.

We distinguish ourselves from the others by paying attention to every single aspect which matters to the customers and we believe that our progress and growth have been achieved through this firm perspective.
Consistent growing and success is defined as mindset of every part of Ritula’s family and we’d always be seeking to find new ways to surprise and wonder our customers…

Office Address:
No.3/13, Megaline Trade Center, No.15, R.Agladze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

Warehouse Address:
Warehouse No.2, Megaline Trade Center, Tsereteli Ave, Tbilisi, Georgia

Email: info@ritula.ge
+995 599 11 21 64
Mobile(English speaker):
+995 599 90 42 07

Ritula llc